The Book With 186 Co-Authors

Assuming that every reader interprets an interesting book differently, we wanted to remind our target that reading is much more satisfying than obtaining information the fast forward way. We spread out pages of the book online, to Facebook friends, key opinion leaders and even the author himself to create a unique book, where every reader actively took part in generating its content.They created another story to the story, as seen through their own eyes. After the pages came back, we published the end result: a book with 186 coauthors and also revealed the author and the name of the book.

Ads for  Asociación De Editores De Madrid (by Grey):

  1. When you spend all those hours watching the most popular tv series in history, it’s not just its cast that ends up lost. (Moby Dick, Herman Melville 1851)
  2. When you spend all those hours gaming on your mobile, not everything you destroy earns you points. (Don Quixote, Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra 1605)
  3. When you spend all those hours playing war video games, it’s not just your enemies you finish off. (The little prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 1943)

Save a book, read a book.

It appears that gradually, over time, editors have begun the process of moving women, one by one, alphabetically, from the “American Novelists” category to the “American Women Novelists” subcategory. . So far, female authors whose last names begin with A or B have been most affected, although many others have, too.

The intention appears to be to create a list of “American Novelists” on Wikipedia that is made up almost entirely of men. The category lists 3,837 authors, and the first few hundred of them are mainly men. The explanation at the top of the page is that the list of “American Novelists” is too long, and therefore the novelists have to be put in subcategories whenever possible.

Too bad there isn’t a subcategory for “American Men Novelists.”





do you think like 600 years ago book nerds got real mad when the printing press was invented because filthy casuals could get books without having to copy them out themselves

i keep getting reblogs from the exact people i’m mocking with this post

nerds really have no self awareness

“Truly, I am vexed with yon Fake Reader Girls. Forsooth, they doth pretend to like books to gain husbands and consort with the Devil.”

"Forsooth, they wilt undermine the book as an art form! For what use is the book without the scribe?"