Today I discovered the dog who played Wishbone is dead. This is not surprising as this show was on years ago and dogs don’t live that long but it’s still sad. So here’s some pictures of Wishbone because dogs in human clothes are just awesome.

And dogs in human clothes reenacting literature are especially awesome.

RIP, Wishbone-actor. You will be long remembered.





Actually,  the photographs are spaced ten years apart, not sixteen.

1912 to 1922.

The young, homeless (but no less dapper) wanderer shown in the first survived the sinking of the Titanic and swam to the shores of West Egg. There he built a life and a large, empty house, in an effort to win the heart of the wealthy, upper class woman he’d fallen in love with a decade earlier and had been separated from against his will.

He shed his earlier identity, and changed his name to reflect his new station. Jack was now known as Jay Gatzby, the eccentric millionaire who threw parties every night in the hopes that one day his love would show up and spin with him as they had long ago in the dance hall of the lower decks.


#and he still ends up dead floating in the water

Go to your room.

Gatsby headcanon accepted.