Steep Show's collection of literary teas:

  1. Jane Austen — Jane’s Regency Rose — Fine Green Tea (“Green tea leaves flavored with garden rose petals evoke a proper cup of ‘sense and sensibility.’”)
  2. William Shakespeare — Shakespeare’s English Breakfast Tea — Fine Black Tea (“A luscious blend of Ceylon Chester and Kalgar black teas. This full-flavored cup will give you much ado about something. Drink as you like it.”)
  3. Walt Whitman — Whitman’s Leaves of Green Tea — Fine Green Tea (“A healthy, healing brew of gunpowder green leaves tightly rolled and pan-fired to impart a sweet, mellow cup. A celebration of body & soul.”)
  4. Edgar Allan Poe — Poe’s Midnight Blend — Fine Herbal Tea (“A smooth licorice spice herbal tea with a tell-tale hint of sweetness. A full-bodied cup of seductive mystery-without the macabre.”)
  5. Oscar Wilde — Oscar’s Irish Breakfast Tea — Fine Black Tea (“An Earnest blend of fine Assam and Ceylon known for its strong, deep red infusion.”)
  6. Emily Dickinson — Emily’s Garden Jasmine — Fine Green Tea(“A poetic blend of green tea, with floral notes of jasmine flowers, chamomile flowers and sweet leaf to celebrate Dickinson and her lovely gardens.”)
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