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The goal of Inscription Magazine is to publish free short science fiction and fantasy for teens. In particular, we hope to put out high quality, diverse YA speculative fiction, with characters of diverse races, religions, sexualities, genders, and abilities.”

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A writer’s work is the product of laziness, you see. A writer’s work essentially consists of taking his mind off things, of thinking about something else, of daydreaming, of not being in any hurry to go to sleep but to imagine something … And then comes the actual writing, and that’s his trade. That is, I don’t think the two things are incompatible. Besides, I think that when one is writing something that’s more or less good, one doesn’t feel it to be a chore; one feels it to be a form of amusement. A form of amusement that doesn’t exclude the use of intelligence, just as chess doesn’t exclude it.
Jorge Luis Borges on writing – wisdom from his most candid interviews, a fine addition to our ongoing archive of notable advice on writing. (via explore-blog)